Teeth Whitening

Teeth discoloration can be due to stains on the surface or by internal changes.

Discoloration can be due to:

  • External discoloration – The outer layer of the tooth (the enamel) is stained due to coffee, wine, cola or other drinks, foods or smoking.
  • Internal discoloration – The inner structure of the tooth darkens or gets a yellow tint
  • Too much fluoride consumption during early childhood
  • Use of tetracycline antibiotics during development of teeth
  • Trauma to affected tooth at young age
  • Rare genetic condition called dentin genesis imperfect. This causes gray, amber or purple discolorations

Age-related discoloration – Over time teeth naturally yellows as the enamel gets thinner with age!

Deep Teeth Whitening

This is the term used when combining one or more dental treatments to enhance the appearance of your smile.

Treatment stages:

  • In-chair teeth whitening generally involves the application of a whitening.
  • Take-home teeth whitening requires a set of custom made trays to fit your teeth.
  • Factors such as smoking, poor oral hygiene and diet can affect the longevity of the results.

No special tests are needed. A dentist can diagnose tooth discoloration by looking at the teeth.

Tooth discoloration can be removed with PROFESSIONAL BLEACHING. In some cases, if the discoloration is severe, VENEERING may be required to cover it.

Tooth Whitening
Just an hour

Professionally applied agent delivers max white teeth.

Home Whitening
DIY: Do it Yourself!

Customized tray for application of agent.

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